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Broadcast Media/News

Media transcription involves the verbatim transcription of video or audio tape recordings (video transcription and audio transcription), as well as digital recordings (digital transcription of WAV, AU, MP3, MP4, DSS files, etc). Keeping a transcription of keynote speakers and conferences are a great way to have information for upcoming business newsletters or just simply to have great information on hand.

Broadcast Media Transcription:

• Industry Conventions, Trade Show and Seminar Presentations
• Industry Award Ceremonies
• Industry Conference Calls and Webinars
• Keynote Speakers
• Live Music Artist Interviews
• Local Government Presentations
• Moderated Political Debates & Campaign Speeches
• News Events
• Teleconferences & videoconferences
• Town Hall Meetings

Workflow Platform:

• 100% digital technology
• Browser-based interface
• Role-based functions for content creators, content verification and management
• Secure document access from any browser
• Comprehensive management reporting

Turn Around Time (TAT) and Accuracy:

• 1-24 hrs. TAT
• 99%+ accuracy
• Quality Assurance Reviews
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